LFW A/W 12 – mmmmmantime.

Inspired by my Nick Cave posting yesterday I decided to investigate the LFW A/W 12 menswear shows more seriously and was over the moon with what I found. Hoorah, menswear is getting more exciting by the minute, what I mean by this is that men’s options for daily dressing are definitely on the up. During my many years in retail from high-end to hard yakka at the markets, I have come across plenty of seriously stylish dudes, but must admit that women have always had the upper hand with what is on offer to them, until now. Walter van Bierendonck has been doing it for the boys for years and designers worldwide are now following floral suit. My LFW A/W 12 menswear top 6 as below show optimistic options for men that will have them unable to complain for lack of choice and more importantly always turning up in the same old garb…you hear me. Big shout outs to the competitive glory of street style and its blogging, wonder club culture and the cross cultural inspiration and ideas that the internet has opened our eyes to. The world really is a fashion oyster. Yum.

The Chicken vs The Egg at Agi&Sam. A more sophisticated outing for Agi&Sam for MAN but with the same edge of brilliance through their ingenious use of recycled plastics into fabrics, pure print pleasure and colour aplomb. A chicken suit really? I’m in love with these guys. Nice work with the older models they used too, true advanced style. Future fashion. x

Neon street + Identity Anxiety at Astrid Andersen. The marble-print puffas are hard and haute. Styled by legendary Simon Foxton – see his wonder tumblr here for hours of inspiration.

Butterfly Farm + Jumped-up Court Jester at Kit Neale. 

Casual Quilting + Optical Illusions at J.W.Andersen.

Text flex + La Haine at Christopher Shannon. Especially love that all-in-one. Word.

Modern Primitive + Street style tribe at Shaun Samson. I am man here me RROOAARR. These clothes just turn me on + maybe the boys wearing them too – grey wool + oversized overalls alongside urban tribe plus sumptuous texture and shine you want to touch. Just touch it.

Images from fashion156.com and i-d online with thanks.


  • Great post, these designers are certainly giving us a chaps options other than the obligatory stripy tee ( & i love a stripy tee).
    Been loving Casely-Hayfords offerings over the last couple of seasons, a little more trad, with high levels of craftsmanship .
    Keep up the good work Teeny xxx

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