Sounds like WOW.

Bed-ridden as I was yesterday due to flu infections, I came across Nick Cave and his sonic Soundsuits created from mixed media and mostly found objects, thus providing much joy for my hours as horizontal. Chicago based artist, dancer and admirer of textiles, Nick Cave has been creating and shaking it since 1999 – inspired by African ceremonial costumes – tick amongst many, Cave’s delightfully delirious suits fuse sculpture, fashion and performance. Enjoy the joy.

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From the gallery’s artist info sheet:
“Soundsuits, named for the sounds made when the sculptures are worn, are as reminiscent of African and religious ceremonial costumes as they are of haute couture……He is as interested in fashion and cultural, ritualistic and ceremonial concepts as he is in politics, a domain that has always been part of his work as demonstrated by acts of collecting and reconfiguring elements and concealing the identity, race, and gender, of those who wear his suits. Rendering them faceless and anonymous the suits help these individuals transcend the political realm in order to enter the realm of dreams and fantasy.”


  • Wow! They are amaaazing! What a great source on inspiration for myself! Thanx for finding them!
    Some of those costumes would have been perfect for the “Jungle” party had it not still been 38 degress at midnight!

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