LOVE YOUR MOTHER // Caroline Sundt-Wels


Caroline Sundt-Wels represents on so many levels the multitude of roles that women create and enable for themselves to realise their full creative spectrum and potential. No limits. This remarkable lady and soon-to-be-Mumma, lives life on her own terms but for the greater good with a many faceted livelihood as musician, healer, collaborator, art-director and co-creative director – of Desert Designs no less.

I first met Kaz in her capacity as a healer through the Cosmic Youth entity she has created as an exploration of conscious living and this is where we connected and collaborated, “Cosmic Appetite” being the fruits of such a collaboration. Now,  aside from the fact that our collaboration has the best name in history of all collaborations… It is also a beautiful bespoke blend/scent used best to inspire creativity, ritual, confidence and love for self and others, made especially for my online retail salon, Love your Mother.

Kaz answered some questions so that you might get to know her better. Full power. X



Why do you do what you do?
It calls me.

Favorite wellness or self-care ritual?
Twice daily Vedic Meditation.

What do you do when you’re not in the FLOW with your work..?
Let it go, not judge myself, come back to it later.

How do you relax, relieve stress?
Meditation and essential oils.

What does community mean to you?
Support and collaboration.


Who inspired you on this creative path?
The incredibly talented and open hearted people I have around me are a constant inspiration and the inner willingness to rise to my own beat and follow charm.

Finish this sentence. Love is.. Surrendering preference.

Female icon?
Georgia O’Keeffe


Favorite artist?
The ever omnipresent artistry of pure consciousness…

What are you reading currently?
Make the impossible possible – Bill Strickland

What’s next?
My first child is due in 8 weeks, I graduate as a teacher of Vedic Meditation in the new year and I’m currently working on relaunching our brand Desert Designs.


What has your creative practice taught you?
Perseverance, commitment and believing in one’s self.

Food from the gods?
There is no such things as too much fruit!

Guilty pleasure?
Netflix marathons with my love.


Early bird or Night owl?
Early bird

Boss tunes?
Timber Timbre

Watch Caroline’s new video for Sunsets here as directed by Cloudy Rhodes.



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