SKARFE x Jess Johnson for PRINT TASTIC Tuesday.



Print tastic Tuesday is dedicated today, to an awesome shopping spot, a salon of scarves called Skarfe in Sydney’s Kings Cross. This diamond in Sydney’s retail rough is owned and run by native New Zealander, Brad McGlashan, who sources the globe for the most super of scarves to adorn yourself and//or your home with. Also, and my favourites, his collaborations with artists, the current collective effort being with Jess Johnson of whitenoisedisco. Print tastic? Most definitely, infact this art-for-your-body will literally blow your beautiful minds. I made an altar in honour of the activity-filled Jess Johnson X Skarfe “Screensaver” scarf. Bend + stretch. X



The “Wallpaper” + “Gilgamesh” scarves in all their glory.


This is Brad in his awesome store, a treasure trove of textiles and print. If you don’t live in Sydney or ever fly our way… shopping Skarfe scarves online is an awesome way for this scarf-art to grace your shoulders, head or bed. Support independent instead. X

Photo: Brendon Thorne

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