Products in process. The process of play. Envisions, was a group exhibition that showed everything but the end product and was a firm favourite of mine from the week of design in Milan. Deconstruct and disrupt. Reverse and reinvent. Creatives here shake up the status quo by exploring previous paths in their process. By revealing these steps, and transcending the fear of copycats, the exhibitors reveal more about their work and themselves and prove they’re the real design deal. This itself triggers a dialogue and allows for further developments and the possibility of new-found joint ventures. Nice vision huh?


Immediately drawn to the design and layout of the show, that offered up/enabled new partnerships in product from your every walking viewpoint. A vision indeed. Colour and expert combinations were key here, in fact the whole set seemed like a mood board in itself. Intentional this too. Envisions gave an intimate and insiders view into the process behind products with not a purchasable piece in sight. Insight into the many different phases, undiscovered paths, mistakes even that would usually never see the light of day. Trend alert: Let’s play.


Photographer: Ronald Smits

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