Jimmy Nelson set out in 2009 on an epic project to photograph 31 of the world’s last tribes on earth – hunters, fighters, nomads amongst them all. Think 13 journeys, 44 countries and in the end 29 tribes within their natural surrounds, Before They Pass Away… This journey of a lifetime has become an “irreplaceable ethnographic record of a fast disappearing world” and as much a celebration of these incredible cultures as they themselves celebrate life and nature through their “original human art”.


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If you know me, my business pursuits or have been following my blog for sometime now, then you will understand how way up my strasse this phenomenal photographic adventure is and how much these incredible tribes inspire through their purity, wisdom, alignment with nature and so much more. I have always been fascinated by tribal culture, their rituals and natural appetite for decoration, early on this obsession started out of the yellow-bound pages of National Geographic magazines and continued to be devoured by me through the likes of Phyllis Galembo, Hans Silvester and Malcolm Kirk amongst many. And now Jimmy Nelson.


It’s devastating to me to think that the next generation may only get to witness these terrific tribes in the past tense. Many disappeared or forced to live a foreign life because of the lust and greed of our western world? So take a good look at the photographs here and then take a good look at your habits and daily life and ensure you are doing the best you can in your choices for the good of all man as art as icons. But without further adieu let me introduce you to some of the most amazing humans you will ever come across and before they pass away.. Painted bodies, Pure Spirits, Free Souls.


Many thanks to Jimmy Nelson for such an incredible vision and so beautifully realised. Please visit his website for more information on each of the individual tribes as seen and many more not included here and most importantly to buy the book  – Before They Pass Away. Talent like this must be supported. So much inspiration to get your appetite for decoration ON. Enjoy and WOW WOW. xx


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