I see RED.

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I look around the studio and in counting colours, there’s a hell of a lot of red in here. Fair enough that I have just finished a  shoot to showcase my continuing fascination with circles and a righteous amount of red – see top pic. But outside of that and in every nook and cranny in here is an abundance of the colour red, mostly in small decorative objects, artefacts and textiles that throw a strong energy punch but still allow breathing space. Red is feisty and it excites and energizes me in my day-to-day, its visual stimuli encouraging celebration, courage and confidence. Red is hot. The colour of energy, passion and action. Warm and positive, red is associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. Red is the colour of blood, and as such has strong symbolism as life and vitality and it’s this vital lifeforce and richness that I want within my home ambience. In the home it can cocoon just like in the womb – think cosiness, warmth and intimacy, but be sure to use darker, deeper and more earthy tones for feature walls or the like otherwise you will be bouncing off said wall. Red is energizing, it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It boosts our physical energy levels, enhances our metabolism, increases our heart rate and blood pressure and prompts the release of adrenalin. Red signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition, passion  and determination amongst other characteristics that can help to motivate us when it’s most needed… a winter staple for sure.


So what’s not to love? It’s a strong colour that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and the Devil. It can aggravate and prevent us from relaxing and when used en masse within a space it will cause a feeling of airlessness and claustrophobia. Being surrounded by red can cause irritability, anger and agitation, so use minimally rather than too much. Too little and you may become cautious, manipulative and fearful.


Being the colour of physical movement, the colour red awakens our physical life-force, which to me sounds like a wonderful colour to wake up with – perhaps some floor length, vintage print curtains in the room where you meditate or eat breakfast to start the day on the right foot. It is the colour of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, so it seems an obvious choice for getting night right also. Splash some red paint on a piece of feature furniture in the bedroom or throw some red textiles on the bed to step up the OH LA LA in here. But keep it to a minimum, otherwise it will have negative effects on your sleeping habits and mood. The hottest of the warm colours, red represents power and lust and relates to physical desire in all its forms – including your sexual desires, cravings and appetite too…often used in restaurants for this purpose alone. Red is strong-willed and suggests speed and confidence and perhaps a dash of danger – think that sexy red dress or 70’s Maserati you have you eye on. Courageous, spontaneous and determined – use red in your life to increase interest, enthusiasm and energy. Red can protect you from your fears and anxieties and encourage you to take the action and confidence to go after your dreams. Get ahead and build your own success with red.

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I trawled back through many images of BlackDot World Archive product through the years and some of my styling work to find my favourites that showcase the colour red and best show its qualities…it seems I SEE RED rather frequently. Visit my Etsy page to discover some of the RED HOT garments, objects and textiles we currently have for sale online and that could possibly add that extra OH LA LA into your life. Hope you feel inspired in continuing to COLOUR YOUR WORLD. xx


  • Love this Teenie particularly the Red and Black dress. So many delights xxxx

  • Moi, miss you. Coming to Sydney soon. Thanks for your wonder words. xxxxx

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