Green is good for you.

In wanting to “greenify” my balcony for the coming summer months, it seems I have become obsessed with the glory of the colour green. When I think of green I immediately think of balance and calm – park life, walks in the forest and tropical palm groves as far as the eye can see come to mind. I believe that the colours you seek out are the remedy for what you need in life…serenity it seems. Green is uplifting and serene and occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. All colours of green from forest to lime blend effortlessly as they do in nature which makes it an obvious choice to use indoors, why don’t you bring the outside in? Green is considered the colour of peace and ecology. Green soothes and will relax you both mentally and physically. The glory of green will also help to alleviate depression, anxiety and nervousness. Think green, think renewal, self-control and harmony. Green is good. Lie back and think of England.

BlackDot World Archive will be trading at Spitalfields this Thursday 7th June from 8.30am-5.00pm showcasing our current obsession with the colour green. Come and discover a bounty of green goodness ranging from BDWA’s Protection strands, 1950’s homespun quilts, Victorian Pin the Tail on the Donkey art, Tie-dyed kaftans, graphic swimsuits, Dutch wax resist harem pants and part of a new collection of Primitive art just arrived from Africa! Oh la la.

BlackDot World Archive is currently etailing some glorious green garments online as seen below. Please visit our Etsy page to purchase or take a closer look.

Visit BDWA’s Pinterest board “Green is Good” for more greenspiration as seen below.

With thanks to for the insights on the colour green.

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