Here at appetitefordecoration we have long had a fascination with Dutch Wax Resist fabric. Originally designed by Dutch artisans imitating Indonesians to sell to the Africans – this worldly mix pleases us much!…the colourful and exotic prints themselves tell a story about global politics, popular culture and the economy. I have been collecting a bounty of it in both fabric length and garment form for over ten years now, this collection has inspired many BDWA products including our SUPERMARKETS ARE NOT SUPER! shoppers, upcycled furniture pieces and super soft furnishings seasonally. Utilised by fashion, product and interior designers worldwide and with an increasing popularity that’s rising by the minute, you best get your hands on some soon. Swing by our Portobello Market stall tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about. RESISTANCE IS USELESS.

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