NYC Fashion Week A/W 2012 – full circle.

Alrighty, riotous print and interest is coming hard and fast from NYC Fashion Week now and to start it all off let us begin with London-based designers PREEN. A favourite label of mine since their debut collection in 2001, I remember gazing into pages of I-D magazine and lusting after their deconstructed army garments… Eleven years later and I still lust after each collection  – it’s their seemingly effortless combination of maximum print and minimal aesthetic that does it for me. The delicious Yasmina Dexter created the soundtrack to the show as always, listen to the aural delights via her blog  – Pandora’s Jukebox. Teamwork.

Botanical, brush stroke & colour block, block at Preen.

Also, Dazed caught up with Yasmina and asked her how the perfect soundtrack is realised.

Now it seems appropriate to pair Preen with New York based designer Miguel Adrover here, as they were both high on my fashion radar when I was fashion student in Melbourne back in the day. They both deconstructed and reconstructed garments which was de rigueur at the time and over a decade later they both still rock my fashion boat. Miguel, still the king of deconstructed fashion in my mind and as I write this excitedly I realise I must dedicate an entire posting to my personal fashion HERO and his wonderful and refreshing clothes. A little history – his East Village store Horn, set up in 1995 was an aesthetic temple and a fashion mecca for experimental designers of the time, stocking his own label Dugg alongside McQueen and Bless among others. Now, if you call yourself a fashionista and you havent heard of his “Midtown” collection or the mattress overcoat he created using Quentin Crisp’s discarded mattress – then you need to do your homework, at once!

Avant garde gaucho at Miguel Adrover.

A super-long post, but must say I feel complete. This is what fashion is all about to me. You may ask how I can enjoy fashion from two labels that now have such a distinctively different aesthetic. Luck and nostalgia, say I. Goodnight.

All images from with thanks.

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