viviane sassen

“It’s always about desire and fear, about making images that are both appealing and unsettling. Somehow my photographs are always slightly off; otherwise they would be very boring.” viviane sassen

trawling through many images as I do on the internet, the great ones jump from the screen of my trusty laptop. viviane sassen’s work, especially her african portraiture does that indeed – discovered just yesterday through sweet site, sweet and sound. the dutch born photographer has worked for many high-profile publications intent on sharp and thought-provoking fashion editorial including dazed and confused, purple, self service, numero, 10, another magazine and V…..and  has shot campaigns for the likes of mui mui, stella mccartney and louis vuitton amongst many. but it’s viviane’s series “parasomnia” as seen directly below that caught my eye and from there I discovered more of her incredible imagery  – particularly loving the work from viviane’s extensive travels through africa…but must add that her ‘realm’ and ‘sol and luna’ projects are equally as enthralling. you can view more of her wonderful personal work on her website and buy the bountiful book ‘flamboya’   – shot in tanzania, uganda, ghana, kenya and zambia. Here sassen’s signature use of light and shadow showcases africans in a unique and sometimes fashion perspective whilst asking the question..”where does interest end and exploitation begin?” I have a new favourite photographer.


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