i cant quite remember how i became so hooked on quilts. its been 4 years now since i started collecting them. lol, this feels very much like an intro to quilts anonymous but it’s not…. my fascination has to do with the nostalgia of quilts, the time spent making it and above all the patience involved. there’s a feel-good factor to a quilt, some good old home-spun love. and i love a project that shows longevity + planning too..

i often find myself thinking about who made the quilts and when and then the conversations that were had whilst sitting around sewing away. and then of course there’s tracey emin’s quilts, probably my favourite of all her artworks really – tracey’s bed is there in all its glory. what other reasons do you need to get yourself to the v & a to see – quilts: 1700 – 2010? grannies – loads of them! i went and shed a tear my dears as did a buddy of mine. be warned there are some horrific modern quilts but close your eyes when walking close so as not to spoil your eyesight forever. the v + a bookshop is full of wonder as always.

many designers have been recently inspired by quilting and i’m sure we’re set to see much more of it in our homes and on peoples bods. designer lu flux works with salvaged, vintage and organic fabrics combined with tradional techniques of knitting, pleating and patchwork. the aim is to make new work out of old work, so as to consume less and reduce waste. simples.  lu flux can be found at labour of love on upper street in islington, owner fran finds all the good things way before anyone else.  

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