green is good – magnetic leaves by richard hutten.

living in london, I feel the need for as much foliage and green as possible indoors. however, my green thumb + fingers sometimes don’t always allow for the sub-tropical or at least the temperate indoor aesthetic  i’m seeking. so when i discovered the wonderfully playful + useful magnetic leaves by richard hutten, i knew i had found the answer to getting right, bringing more of the outdoors in. also allowing my black, green and white colour combo to flourish once more in the kitchen.

in discovering my magnetic leaves, i had also discovered richard hutten, one of the netherland’s most internationally successful designers. richard started his own design studio in 1991 working on a variety of projects including furniture, product, interior and exhibition design. his downright dutch design shows practicality and innovation with a large dose of humour and from there i realised i had engaged with some of his other work, through his collaborations with the holy grail of dutch design – droog. more on these guys in another post.

initially the leaves were designed in 2008 as a proposal for the refurnishing of the famous musuem bojimans van beuningen in rotterdam. richard thought something should be done about the ceilings, but to replace them was too expensive so he designed the leaves to cover the ceilings and provide a canopy which was great for acoustics too! genius.

green is good for you too: green represents balance and is tranquil and refreshing. it is also considered the colour of peace and ecology. green is soothing and relaxing both mentally and physically. green offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony. green is also the colour of the heart chakra which bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. opening the heart chakra allows a person to love more, empathize and feel compassion. what a great way then to start the day.

his website is wonderful and he’s handsome to boot. 100 points.

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