smalle haven is style haven.

during our  eindhoven getaway we discovered  a great space called smalle haven and indeedy it is  a style haven  for eating, drinking, design + ping pong!  our darling host edith talked us through the space – most of the furniture items are designed by students at academy eindhoven and many are up for sale, allowing for constant re-invention of the space. it’s almost as if each table is a seperate design concession + experience, sounds a little 1997? it’s not.

chef joep breklemans + freek buy fresh, seasonal ingredients daily and prepare personal menus according to your taste and food preferences. after discussing our options with the chef, we decided upon roasted, local + line caught fish with traditonal dutch salads + roasted veg. + copious tastings of local beer + wine… the space started as a popup for ten days in dutch design week october 2007+ due to the raging success of the event smalle haven is now open always.

attached is a vintage store, “unique to the area” where we picked up some super bargains. also, the design group – design express, a travelling group of designers  that search for interaction between their design and the audience through their mobile objects, exhibit their caravans in the space when not showing during the milan design fair etc. superstar + friendly service, great food, smart design + retail concept.

padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 596padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 555

padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 565

padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 588padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 574

padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 573



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