Songbird // Missy wears Alice Edgeley sequin catsuit and cape, Gucci platform trainers and belt, custom Sollis earrings. Pearl face decoration by Nicole Thompson.
Missy wears Marni trousers, Ruby Phyllis belt and Gucci shoes. Vintage mirrored choli and tapestry stylists own.
Missy Gilbert is a songbird, she fronts the band Ginger & The Ghost with her main man and husband Daniel. We’ve worked together on many projects and it always comes up roses! When she asked me to style the video clip for “The Tallest Tree” (listen here!) from their new album, well of course I was in.. but wanted to be able to archive the looks on the side of filming the video. An insane task for one day but why the hell not? Enter phenomenal photographer Cara O’Dowd behind the lens and Queen of Face, Nicole Thompson. Dreamy team indeed.
Layered for best effect.. with the SONGBIRD shoot I wanted to create a sophisticated melange of personae through the clothes and accoutrement. Outfits that Missy could move it and shake it in, that would make her feel powerful, sensual and protected. A magnificent and asymmetrical mix of brands to save the planet with, custom cools from some of our nearest and dearest independent brands, favourite International fashion houses and a smattering of serious vintage. What a dreamboat songbird she is!
Ginger & the Ghost play Camden Assembly, London 4th August. Be there. X
Missy wears Desert Designs Archive cape, Camille Walala collab bodysuit, Trade the Mark fabric length. Ruby Phyllis earrings, all other accessories stylists own.


Missy wear Patagonia Micro Swell top, Toga bodysuit, Ruby Phyllis earrings and After the Apple tassel. Vintage skirt stylists own.
Missy wears D-squared catsuit, Meredith Bullen coat, Gucci skirt and platform trainers.

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