Hello, hi. It’s been a while.. Now that we are out of the gate of 2018, cruising at speed not running, and with nice timing alongside the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (a new Moon brings a cosmic refresh and is THE time within the moon cycle to set your intentions and create vision btw.).. read The Numinous for Moon updates always. I thought it right timing to share with you my waste free intentions to help save our awesome planet on an everyday basis. Plus the fact, that at 6 weeks into the new year I have a few weeks in my attempt at a “waste-free-me” under my belt and ready to share.

To go waste free I turned to Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers (best business name ever btw!) who is living and breathing the zero waste lifestyle. I’ve been following her waste free journey for sometime now and am completely inspired by her commitment to the planet and the simplicity and economic benefits she’s boasting. Below are her 13 EASY ZERO WASTE RESOLUTIONS steps, to which I have added a few ideas, adjustments and brands to track down if you’re just starting out and up for it? Join me, just do it.

1. Take a “no new clothes” pledge.

‘Ouch’, I hear you say? Well that’s the word that slipped from my mouth. But hello vintage, upcycled and recycled brands. Favourites include KT JewelBy Walid, Jeanne de Kroon and Christopher Raeburn to name a few. I’m also thinking to swap my clothes with friends and continue to buy and support the people and brands that are doing it right on, in an ethical and aesthetical way.. Well Made Clothes is a great place to start.

2. Nix plastic water bottles or take away coffee cups.

This ones easy, and if you haven’t already.. treat yourself and the planet immediately and get yourself an incredibly good looking reusable coffee cup. The Keepcup is what’s up for your coffee fix and you can DIY your very own dream colour scheme to match your vintage ensemble. Tres chic! Copper bottles for your water not only look great and age beautifully, they also help to balance all three doshas or elements in your body and supercharge your water with copper ions for a multitude of health benefits.

3. Eat less takeout.

Uber eats is a great idea from bed on a lazy Sunday etc, but the bounty of single use plastic involved is a crime against all mankind. Go out, stay in and eat toast? Set limits.

4. Revamp your dental hygiene routine.

Plastic toothbrushes are one of the biggest culprits polluting our oceans, bamboo ones are available aplenty, ecotoothbrush is your new best friend.

5. Learn to grocery shop zero waste.

Forget supermarkets and their ridiculous packaging and plastic bag scenarios. Grab your cloth shopper and spend Saturday morning at your local food market touching and feeling fresh seasonal fruit and veg. Grow your own, the bigger the garden the better obviously but small balconies and mini gardens suffice for herbs and roquette right? Basics like chickpeas, nuts and olive oils etc can be purchased from zero waste outlets like The Source Bulk Foods who have 30 outlets Australia wide. The Staple Store in Melbourne is also awesome. #supermarketsarenotsuper

My favourite Sydney markets for food include Carriageworks and Kings Cross. Wherever you are in the world, a good food market is as easy as a google search.

6. Get a safety razor.

To tell you the truth I didn’t know what a safety razor was, now I do.

7. Vow to never use a plastic bag again.

I solemnly declare never to use a plastic bag again, say it!

8. Make your own cleaning products.

Pinterest is an amazing resource for this or if you’re like me currently and don’t have the time for that, buy reputable brands. The Simply Co is Lauren’s own brand which strives to make the most sustainable cleaning products ever, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and for those of you Down Under, Wholefoods House and The Source Bulk Foods (as above) are on it.

9. Stop buying disposable paper towels.

Totally unnecessary. Old t-shirts make the best cloths for the kitchen once you’ve truly worn them to their death

10. Learn to let your fridge go empty.

This is more difficult that it seems. Like me, you probably grew up on the bulk haul method of shopping, which let’s face it.. usually ends in a bounty of bendy vegetables by the end of the week. A basic plan of recipes for the week ahead allows you to shop more of what you need and I’ll be creating some recipes and plans around this idea in the not too distant future which you can follow here or over on my Instagram. #feedtheminds Weekly organic box/bag services like THE locals MARKET make recipe planning a cinch.

11. Skip the plastic straw.

Go for gold or silver when sucking and slurping. I don’t see the point of straws personally but if you do? Biome will sort you out.

12. Make your own beauty products.

Or buy natural and biodynamic brands in glass bottles, minimal or preferably no packaging and with worldly benefits. Favourites include local brands LEPAAR and    Drugstore to nourish the face and body. Focus on the beauty within and eat fresh fruit and vegetables and top up on superfoods, tonic herbs, algaes and mushrooms from the super Sun Potion in the USA or brilliant Byron based brand Superfeast. Get the lowdown on natural beauty via the Depths of Beauty blog from Eco makeup artist, Emmily Banks and the Nourished Life website takes out all the research time of discovering natural, organic / eco certified and cruelty free beauty in one fell swoop.

13. Learn to say no!


If you have any questions about becoming waste free, please message me here and I will endeavour to answer you. Let’s do it for the planet! X



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