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Louisa Seton has created a name for herself as a documentary travel photographer who specializes in capturing the stunning visual identity of African tribal culture and ceremony. I have been working with Louisa over the last few months on a rebrand to launch her work into retail, as a series of portraits for the home. We also managed to collaborate on a couple of photo shoots along the way of course.

MOJA AFRICA, the Swahili term for One Africa, is a powerful series of portraits, including timeless favourites and recent photographs from the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, that celebrate and explore community, female empowerment and adornment as self expression. The collection highlights Louisa’s love for Africa and reveals the remarkable beauty of people truly engaged with their natural environment.

Louisa answered some questions for the blog. Please enjoy. X

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What do you do and why do you do it?

I’m a visual story-teller, a lifestyle and travel documentary photographer with a focus on  tribal indigenous culture and ceremony – My work has encouraged me to follow my creative purpose, traverse the globe and be at ease with my camera in different scenarios. Different communities and the way in which they live their lives have always fascinated me. Photography brings me great joy and I love documenting everyday life, there is beauty in everything and intimacy in the smallest of gestures.

It’s an exciting time to be a creative. There is a global push, a transformation.. Make comment.
I truly believe the time is NOW!! A call for action not only in a creative sense but a global transformation and shift – Purging out from the old paradigm way of insular thinking to a new global expansive consciousness as a collective – knowing we are all accountable so if we work as a collective, inspire each other creatively, spread knowledge we can achieve greatness not only for ourselves but as a whole.

What is a dream project or collaboration for you?

My dream project would be to combine my love of documentary photography, travel, adventure and fine art photography.
I want to be working on a documentary series traveling to remote corners of the globe photographing interesting communities and preserving their culture, visual story telling at it’s best whilst also raising awareness with the aim of implementing solutions to whatever issues are the focus. At the same time I would be working on my tribal fine art portrait series. Collaborating with a documentary film series would be amazing also.

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Real life hero? Who inspired you on this creative path?

Peter Beard was an inspiration growing up in Kenya – I always loved his photography style – Steve McCurry is still one of my favourite photographers.

How do you work through rough spots, anxiety or blockages in your creative practice?

Meditation is key. Vinyasa yoga and walking really grounds me, I love it. Good friends who I can talk to and who have my back in times of need.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I want to photograph the Dinka tribe in Sudan and have exhibitions in London, New York and LA.

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Morning ritual? 15 min Meditation followed by deep breathing and then a cup of tea.
Guilty pleasure? Burning Man
Early bird or Night owl? Night Owl
Boss tunes? Ahh way to many..

What emotions do you want people to feel when they look at your work?

Strength, joy, harmony in the design of the shot and a little bit of WOW! A feeling of intrigue, a need to know more about the story and the person.

What does Appetite for Decoration mean to you?

Boldness, colour, creative inspiration, strength.

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For Press and sales please contact appetitefordecoration@gmail.com



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