LOVE YOUR MOTHER // Bronte Wright


Bronte Wright of Dept.of is the kind of creative that you want on your team. Straight up, she has mad skills especially in the creation of her graphic stimulation shapes and forms. It’s her graphic and set design skills that are getting her noticed and enabling all kinds of cool collaborations. From print – tastic graphics like the ones she created for our very own online retail salon, to the set design for “Days Like This” festival, that included XL, think 12 feet tall, crystal stage configurations! And an exciting project upcoming with the Make Nice team. Alongside her own burgeoning creative practice, this straight talking, multi-tasking woman manages to manage, The Nest Creative Space and teaches the new-wave of students at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Let’s say they’re in good hands! Bronte Wright, what a peach. Bronte answered some questions as part of our Love Your Mother community. Enjoy. X

Why do you do what you do?
I have no idea why it is that I have to create, I just always have. I think It’s just what my soul is here for.

Favourite wellness or self-care ritual?
A piping hot bath in my mum’s huge antique clawfoot; some essential oils in my diffuser; a loooong tv series; a contemporary dance class.

What do you do when you’re not in the FLOW with your work?
Freak out, leave it alone, then come back to it with a list of very small tasks.

What does community mean to you?
Community to me means a feeling of mutual understanding and respect.


Who inspired you on this creative path?
I’m not sure a particular person, or group of people inspired me to take a more ~creative~ path in life. I think it was a series of circumstances and realisations about myself that sent me this way. I didn’t fit in my small country town, I didn’t function in a 9-5 desk job. I have always been driven to work project by project, always wanting something new to learn or try, a new tool to play with. My grandfather was the same, he always had a new toy or project going, maybe it was him.

Finish this sentence.. Love is..
HUGE, multi-faceted, scary, essential.

Female icon?
The women around me, ruling everyday.


Favourite artist? What is it that you love about their work?
Right now it’s John Olsen, the nature of his work is so fluid and naturally expressive.

What are you reading currently?
‘Barbara the Slut, and other people’ by Lauren Holmes.

What has your creative practice taught you?
I’ve learnt that I have a very short attention span, and that it is not necessarily a bad thing. I love that i’m a bit of a slasher.

What’s next?

I’ve recently started Dept. of as an effort to collect all of my creative projects in one space. It’s the Dept. of whatever I feel like.
Overall, I’m working on more of a graphic scale these days, I’m really enjoying getting back to basics – drawing forms and shapes then creating weird scapes focusing on colour and line. It’s an exercise in taking things less seriously.
I’m also focusing on more installation and prop building work, I’ve got an exciting project coming up with the Make Nice team which allows me to make some big shit with some boss babes.


Food from the gods?
Lemonades – they’re a hybrid citrus fruit, a cross between an orange, mandarin and a lemon.

Boss tunes?
Right now:
Tune Yards.
Sylvan Esso
Fleetwood Mac (always)


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