Love your mother // online retail salon


LOVE YOUR MOTHER, has been birthed in the world just on a week now and I’m over the moon about it. It’s awesome to be back in hunt and gather mode, read retail, and to further enable my fascination with ritual and the accoutrement used daily to beautify and maintain our daily doings. Moving forward I see Appetite for Decoration as a multi-faceted platform for conscious brands and I will be getting to know better all of the beautiful women who form #loveyourmother here on the blog, over the next couple of months. SHOP the statement making and sustainable is what we do best. Yes.

Photographer, Amy Piddington took these wonderful photographs for the LOVE YOUR MOTHER campaign. Style + Creative Direction is me at The Nest Creative Space.


The WORD that came before it all..

How to construct a new vision – instinct, impulse, intuition.
Emancipation from the same repetitive rules. The crafting of a revolution.
A Hybrid life. In between urban and nature.
Matter as the message. Empowering decoration.

Makers + creators. Movers shakers.
Accoutrement for Ritual. High vibrations.
Optimistic objects + aesthetic expressions.
Imperfect perfect. The pursuit of happiness.

Be who you seem to be. Empathy.
Divine principles. Everything is energy.
Slow methods, new tools, modern making.
Nature as our protector. Wilder deities.


Voluptuous vessels abound in many forms of course.
Think urns, vases and receptacles galore.
We celebrate women everywhere. All the ladies.

Enjoy. X

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