ROASTED GRAPES // feed the minds.



Preheat your oven to 220 C.

Black grapes, still on the vine // A few sprigs of sage or thyme // Good quality olive oil. Himalayan salt.


Wash and dry the grapes, careful to keep them in bunches (best for presentation me thinks!)  and place on a large roasting tray, pick over your sage leaves, drizzle with olive oil and some good grinds of Himalayan salt.

Cook for 20-25 minutes total. Turn the grapes over at 10-15 minutes and keep a watchful eye. They will be starting to catch and bursting open at this point – delicious smells will be emanating from your kitchen.

Pull from the oven and let cool.

FEED THE MINDS // serving suggestions

I served my roasted grapes  on spelt fruit loaf loaded with coconut oil and coconut chia (nuts for the coconuts no less!), cashew cheese and super crunchy peanut butter would also be delicious, but not together. Then I got creative with the seasonal fruits left over from a shoot and made a very posh “Autumnal Breaky Bowl” as below. Eat me. X



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