MIX MASTERS // Dimore Studio.


Dimore Studio is not just a studio: it is a home, a voyage, a complete experience, a dialogue between past and present. So say Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the designer duo behind the studio brand and gallery. The trademark style of their work is that of a design practice constantly moving between design, art, architecture and fashion. Dimore in Italian means “dwellings” and refers to old, classical style Italian houses and expresses that their work is rooted in a certain tradition, made contemporary by creative interpretation. Magnificent mix-masters these men, their concept driven and exquisitely layered interiors induce epiphanies from 1-10.


Intermissoni as presented for Salone Del Mobile 2016: The  journey through the apartment is accompanied by a soundscape, you know the one to your most magnificent life?.. And occurs across seven successive environments all very unique and exciting, there were many “Oh” moments here and each revealing a different emotion, from joy to surprise to nostalgia. Heartbreak even, at not knowing of this beauty beforehand..


Intermissoni was an exploration of shapes and textures enriched with rich references from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Precious materials, lust-worthy lacquers, exquisite lighting including an iconic Venini chandelier.. this my favorite room, such sensuality oozing from it, bold and clever colour mixes and an entire room of bamboo textiles printed digitally with tropical landscape inspirations. Precious metals, a signature of the pair included corroded metal, aged silver, oxidized brass and awesome alloys. Plus the choice of a very dark navy for the floors and walls throughout, moody is an understatement. This is Milanese chic at its most magnificent and I want more of it. Bravo. X


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