Peter Woodward // STYLE TRIBE.


Peter and I first met on a photo shoot for The Age newspaper many moons ago, as “Fashion’s Rising Stars” alongside the likes of Sydney designer, Kit Willow.. I think it might have been 2003, back in the day shall we say. We were both in the throes of our own start-ups amongst other creative and fashionable pursuits (things haven’t changed) and we hadn’t clapped eyes upon one another since. Most recently I fell in love with a series of portraits Peter shot in Zanzibar and knew I wanted to blog the beauty, once I got in contact I recognised his face from many years before.. What goes around comes around right? Peter answered some questions for us. Please enjoy his awesome vision. X

What matters? Adventure, travel, friends, connections. A good vintage market to rummage through.

What is your spirit animal?
I’d have to say a Bower bird. I love collecting things from my travels, it’s a visual reminder of where I’ve been. Every piece in my house has a little story attached to it.


Your recent trip to Zanzibar and the edition of portraits you took there is the reason why I got in touch. Tell us about this project please.

I can’t remember what prompted me to go to Zanzibar, but once I got there I was hooked. It has a certain kind of magic that draws your back from the Medinas in Stone Town to the pure sands of Paje. I remember being fascinated by Maasai warriors from photographs I’d seen, the Maasai you meet in Zanzibar have come from mainland Tanzania and are usually working in the tourist sector. I asked a few of them to sit for quick portraits for me, when people saw the results they said I should create a small book. Which is now a work in progress. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh. 

You’re based in Bali, how’s life in tropical paradise? What are your five fave places to see, eat, retreat, meet and just be here?

Ok here are some Bali favourites.. Mama San, Revolver Cafe, Sunday brunch at La Lucciola and a weekend away at Impossible Beach.


It’s an exciting time to be a creative. There is a global push, a transformation.. Make comment.
Well social media has opened the world up, this is how we re-connected. Everything is so instant these days, I still like to buy books. I remember when I was younger flicking through the latest copy of The Face or ID, there’s nothing like a good magazine. Sadly, they are all dying off or going online.

Real life hero? Who inspired you on this creative path?

I think it would be working for Sara Thorn from Abyss Studio in the 90’s, she use to come back from all these far-flung places – India, Mexico with tales and ideas. It’s great to travel it keeps you alive and fresh, it’s inspiring. Sara was a pioneer in print and she is up and running again, it’s great to see her doing fashion again.

What do you do and why do you do it?
I run a small clothing label The Prisoners of St Petersburg / The Esoteric World in Bali Indonesia. My love of print came years ago from working for Sara Thorn and Bruce Slorach at Abyss studio, they sewed the seed of my love for print and design.

You’re a man of multidisciplinary talents and travels. What is up next for you in 2017?

Yes, I am just finishing off my collection and for the first time ever I’m working on a lot of plain garments (shock horror). They rely on form and shape rather than graphics. I recently went to Tel Aviv and Athens on a holiday and had a great rummage through the vintage stores there, finding beautiful bias cut dresses and slips that have formed the basis for this latest collection. There is some print in the collection, loosely based on Shanghai in the 1930’s and 40s with a slightly Moorish influence too.


Past collections of the esoteric world in their full print glory as above.

Morning ritual? Coffee.
Food from the gods? Coconut water with a dash of Malibu and a dash of pineapple juice.
Guilty pleasure? Coffee.
Early bird or Night owl? A bit of both depending on where I am.
Boss tunes? Marianne Faithful, Richard X, The Slits + this Turkish DJ some friends in Instanbul switched me on to.


Peter on the job in Zanzibar with the Maasai. X

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