Jonnine Standish is an acclaimed art director and musician, most of you will recognise her, especially her voice and wanton banging of drum from the cultish electronic duo HTRK. Jonnine also conceptualises and curates events, including the Full Moon community sync titled M*SYNC  for M*Pavillion, which happens to happen today.

M*Pavillion is an event hub, a meeting place, a temporary landmark, a spontaneous detour and a starting point. M*SYNC is a celebration of collective consciousness with a focus on love as a contemporary ritual featuring live music, dance and sound performances. Get there any way you can, love rituals rule.

This years event has evolved from a Full Moon Party as per 2016 into a celebration that includes the delicious synthesiser of LA based Tropic of Cancer in an extraordinary performance playing live to heartbeats, a cardiophonic symphony composed of hundreds of audience heartbeats and voices, performative heartbeat syncing in Unconscious Collective’s Hypnapods and performances from acclaimed Sydney-based sound artist Gail Priest, new music project from HTRK’s Jonnine Standish and Ying Li Hooi Queens of the Circulating Library, DJ CS (Conrad Standish of CS + Kreme), and dancers Niharika Senepati and Benjamin Hancock.

Jonnine told us about her early mornings. X


Morning ritual?

wake up 6am
look out window towards sky, this sets my mood
meditate in bed for 10 minutes
don’t check iphone
make the bed
5 minutes stretches on floor
drink glass of water with lemon and apple cider vinegar
take out mouth guard (for my teeth grinding) and brush teeth
shower, use the Herbario exfoliator powder and cleansing oil
get dressed in outfit that I chose the night before
come downstairs and spend 15-30 mins on music, save out track to listen to on train or in car
check emails and social media
breakfast is 2 scrambled eggs with coconut oil and sardines and hot sauce
take my vitamins and drink more water
play with cats and usually film them for insta stories
until i’m running late for morning train

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