PANEL WORK work work work work.


I’ve known Saskia Folk for about 15 years now, an awesome and energising human from the start. Incredibly fun and smart, a creator of deep community and the rites that build it stronger. Alongside this, Saskia creates impressive panel art. Her show PANEL WORK, her sixth Australian exhibition of panels, starts tonight in Melbourne until September the 3rd (so get in quick!). Sourced from the wrecking yards of America, the panels Sarsh selects often reference the landscape or are graphic, abstract art in their own right.. Especially when framed up and viewed in an entirely new context on the wall of a gallery or above your bed. Visit Tim Klingender for the catalogue and price list here. But before the stinky, fat show, Sarsh answered some questions for the blog. Bless. X


Tell us a little about yourself.

I cut up cars, love travelling, dumplings and having a bloody good time!

You’ve developed a new art form in your cutting up of cars. Alongside that, creativity seems to run rife in your family. Tell us about that..

Creative endeavors run in the family – my sister is a jeweller, mum is an interior designer, uncle Robin is an actor, uncle Dougal is an illustrator, uncle Fergus is a sculptor, cousin Arabella is a fashion designer and cousin Tom is a photographer. We are a creative bunch indeed.


Top gallery?

The Fortuny in Venice blew my mind.

Who inspires you on the art front?

Marcel Duchamp, John Chaimberlain and Rosalie Gascoigne to name a few.

What drives you every day? What drives you when you have a crap day?

Coffee and green smoothies do the trick most days but also a little reminder of how lucky I am.

We share a love of Noosa as a favourite destination. What are some of your other favourite places to visit? Where are you looking at travelling to next?

Alice Springs is one of my favorite places. I lived there for a year and a half, 5 years ago and try to go back every year. I’m well overdue for a visit.


You’re planning a big celebratory feast, who’s coming to dinner?

It would be a long table with an eclectic bunch of mates from all over the globe, we would laugh a lot and it would be unpretentious.

What has been your favourite project to date?

My recent trip to the states was incredible. I spent 3 months travelling across California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas looking for cars to grind and being blown away by American hospitality, positive attitude and the ever-changing landscape.


I know you’ve got boss taste in music. What are you listening to at the moment?

Methyl Ethel from Perth, Jaala from Melbourne, Anohni, the new Radiohead album, Broadway Sounds and William Onyeabor.

It’s your Sliding Doors moment…What would you be doing otherwise?

Putting on epic parties four times a year with unlimited budget.

What makes you happy?

Good food, good company and no dramas.


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