FEED THE MINDS – the DEA store.


Please place your delicate eye area upon the awesome ceramics before you, including dreamboat cutlery in gold and burnished black, from awesome Sydney retailer, The DEA store. Owner Karin Huchatz has a fabulous eye for all manner of kitchen ware, tableware and home accessories but her speciality is most definitely, artisanal ceramics from both local and Japanese artists. Her interesting and global mix makes perfect for Feed the Minds on Friday and my forever search for unusual and handmade products that enhance the ritual of eating. An elegant mix of glazes, hand-painted pieces and signature styles give great graphic stimulation and makes sharing food (more) fun… a daily celebration!


Feed the minds and mix it up – pattern and texture in similar tones will help to energize and bring focus to your day ahead at breakfast or set the tone for awesome chat and fun at dinner. To be honest, I was going to include  a new favourite recipe of mine from the delicious Food52 blog atop these awesome settings but I couldn’t bring myself to do it… I thought the ceramics themselves needed to be celebrated, to bathe in their own graphic glory. Go celebrate great independent retail and get yourself to The DEA store. Catch owner-curator Karin there most days for her knowledge, awesome eye and super style. Enjoy. X


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