A couple of days before jumping on a plane to Milan for Salone del Mobile a few weeks back, the idea for the first in a poster series dedicated to Australian Design sprang forth. Lucky to be insitu at The Nest Creative Space amongst a plethora of creatives and with phone numbers of some of Australia’s best artists and designers (or their awesome PR!) on speed dial..the dream became reality in two days flat. How’s about that. Not to mention that fact that fantastic photographer Chris Phillips and I were talking of trading our skills once again. Done deal.

If you know me and my obsession with shrines and altars.. it seemed the perfect vehicle to devote to Australian Design. Be gone with the bloody flatlay I say. Build it up and honor.

Shrine: a place for worship. 2. any place or object/s hallowed by its associations. 3. A container or receptacle for sacred relics; a reliquary. 4. A site hallowed by association with revered objects. 5. A place that people visit because it is connected to something that is important to them.

Shrine 1. Earthy tones set the scene here. Au natural and emotional, moody even and most definitely made by hand – reminiscent of our vast and great Southern land. See fabulous future relics created in straw, bone, porcelain, terracotta, recycled cotton and traditional bush materials. The latter being an eloquent collaboration of shades for lights between Koskela and Yolngu artists, known as Yuta Badayala.

Dem bones as featured in the “Protection” shield in perspex by Melissa Gilbert of Ginger and the Ghost poignantly honours life. While the “Vita in Motu” (meaning life in motion) porcelain light by ceramicist Milly Dent suggests our love and limber for the great outdoors. Miraculous straw marquetry in cubist form by French native and now Sydney based Arthur Seigneur aka art seigneur, you can count on one hand, the few in the world with his wonderful and pain staking skills. And last but definitely not least –  stacks of kick-ass cushions by Australia’s best ethical brand and yes that’s official!,  One Another Design.


Shrine 2. Colourific and with a sense of humour too. Tropical and pop, rust ridden and reeking of days in the summer sun. What’s a shrine to Australian design without flora and fauna, especially a kangaroo or two? The witty kangaroo toile by Utopia Goods falls alongside a photo (without the typical painterly application) by Jess Cochrane depicting some earthy delights and a heavenly body too, Aussie, aussie, aussie. Jess is currently showing her work at the Brisbane Powerhouse until the 24th July. Australian tool shed basics, both modern and primitive justify our dedication to the backyard, humble and luxury. The beautiful and practical Le paar hose in lilac with copper fittings makes for garden merry, exquisite things for life and rightly so. Colour your world.

A plethora of Dinosaur Designs stacked in totems are devoted to the duo who create them, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy. These organic art forms, now iconic, an Australian home staple if you will and a firm favorite of mine and many world-wide. Saskia’s Folk‘s panel work, is hand-cut and collected from the Australian desert and most probably the best upcycled Australiana you ever did see. Ceramicist Claire Pony‘s haute handpainted graces both her own great creations and Australia’s easiest seat, the tree stump. Oi, oi, oi.

In Sydney? Look out for this shrine wonder ‘pon your local streets.

I’m already pumped for the next in the series. If you’re a designer based in Australia and think your work would look awesome amongst the mix and number 3 + 4 in the series..  then please get in contact. xx

Photography: Christopher Phillips

Graphic Design: Bronte Wright Studio

Styling + Creative Direction: Bettina McIlwraith

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