ART house.



Blown away by the modern and primtive of Freddie Mamani Silvestre’s architecture. I have been seriously imagining the happiest of tones in “Hi honey I’m home” ever since I came across this marvelous on Pinterest recently via the New Yorker. Shape shifter, Mamani – a native Bolivian has designed and built 60+ of his magnificent and multifunctional spaces in El Alto (without the help of a computer mind you), the highest city in the world, over the last ten years. Must be something in the air up there!?

These “spaceship” spaces serve as retail shopfronts, party halls, apartments and an owner’s penthouse and have been specifically created for the new rich of the city, providing alternate income options and a luxury home in one. Inspiration for these incredibly intricate and OTT urban mansions comes from a fascination with science fiction, especially the Transformer films and Mamani’s Aymara culture. Intricate details and neon colors emulate the rich pattern in historic dress, circular motifs are formed from traditional weaving and ceramic traditions and the stepping patterns reference Andean temples. Oh, Heaven is a place on earth! Have passport, will travel. Who is coming with? X

Read more of the New Yorker story. Images with many thanks to Peter Granser.

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