Eva in the garden of Easton Pearson. Eva wears Vesper Jacket, Wallis Shirt + Marcozy Skirt. Neckpiece + earrings Kaspia Calypso. Azilal Rug from a selection at Flamingo Merchant. 


Spot alto. Eva wears Petro Shirt, Skewer Top + Chaturanga Skirt. Blue and white all over ceramics from the Creative Vintage Centre. Hand-woven earrings by Kaspia Calypso. Vintage sideboard customized by Bettina.  


Masai Pajama. Eva wears Wallis Shirt + Syriam Pant. Berber bread baskets and hand-woven floor mat at Flamingo Merchant. 


Midnight Feast. Eva wears Tempo Dress + Petro Shirt in Seuin lace. Earrings by Christie Nicolaides. Cactus plates by Milly Dent, assorted black and white ceramics Rita Mu. Candles in Carrera marble by Easton Pearson. 


Graphic Stimulation. Eva wears Fidel Coat, End Game Jumper, Wallis Shirt in embroidered organza +  Speedy Pant. Monster Ceramic by Claire Johnson. Orange glassware from the Vintage Creative Centre. Rug from a selection by Kaspia Calypso. 


Checkmate. Eva wears Hypermodern Tunic Dress. Ceramic Face stool from the Creative Vintage Centre. 

So I’ve got a thing for Easton Pearson, born from when I first came across  their awesome as a fashion buyer in the early noughties. It was a super dream come true to style their Autumn Winter 20l5 collection in this, their 25th year of trade.

To enhance their reputation for a sophisticated and opulent appetite for decoration, we shot the collection  amongst an abundance of suitably stimulating product from local and great creatives and up against the wonder wall in my studio – designed and painted by graphic aficionado and good friend Camille Walala.  

Many thanks to the terrific team who helped to make this shoot possible. Photo: Rick Carter // Model: Eva Sanzo // Hair + Makeup: Vic Anderson // Stylists Assistant: Sally Brown. 



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