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Intersect is the latest collection from awesome and ethical, Sydney-based lifestyle brand One Another Design.   I styled Rick and Annette’s magnificent, modern take on classic checks … think texture-tastic – structural grids, hand embroidery and slubby wovens set amongst a bounty of grid beauty… (Go the besser block!) Hand loomed khadi in saccharine sweet shades of blush, baby blue and tangerine brings some soft and fuzzy to the positively powerful collection. New ways with weave this season brings about hand-woven bowls, lampshades and a cool collection of purses in the hand-woven T-yarn – which is a bi-product of T-shirt manufacture and a firm personal favourite of mine. Once again, it’s brilliant to work with a brand that is ethical, that empowers women in poverty and that packs some serious graphic punch. Viva la REVOLUTION. Power up and shop the INTERSECT collection for some serious interior superior. Love. x

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  • HI Bettina, loving the new photos of One another, looks really good!

    Hope all is well, Vicky x


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