Kaspia is the real, modern nomad deal (her passport reads like a rock star’s does), an adventurer with an awesome eye for colour and design, a passion for preserving the art and craft of worlds you might not dare to tread, plus the fact she does it with her husband and their two kids. True inspiration for all my friends out there with babes, that want to get back into the outsider’s travel saddle. Kaspia was the kind of inspiring creative I was hoping would exist back in Australia, missing my posse of mad, nomad crew from Portobello that travel the globe to discover and curate worldly wares for the eyes, bods and homes of those that don’t exist like this. Instagram is where we met first up and then at Sibella Court‘s weekend market in the flesh. It was true like at first sight, our mutual worship of our glorious, global village cementing a friendship, actually ignited in East London many moons ago. Now, if you need a rug, and everybody does… this is the woman to purchase it from. Her popupshop – Kaspia’s Caravan trades a bounty of world beauty and way more than the best rugs you ever did see – think talismans and amulets, massive jewels, exotic table-wear, baskets galore and forever furniture… for one more week at The Yellow House, 57 Macleay Street, Potts Point. Get in and get some. 




Real life HERO? Was there anyone that INSPIRED you from the beginning? From a young age I was drawn to the writers such as Anais Nin and the rebellious romantic she was, as revealed in her diaries and other works. I could really relate to her. Even now I surround myself with heroes of bohemia and the fruits of other rebellious romantic movements of the 20th Century. Music plays a big part in my everyday. I grew up with bands like Jane’s Addiction and Fleetwood Mac but was majorly influenced by Bjork, who taught me from about the age of thirteen to have ‘courage and enjoy it, the hardcore and the gentle’ and to be ‘violently happy’.

Who inspires you NOW?

These days my heroes are far more ordinary, at least outwardly, people whose names no one has heard of but who are working towards changing the world for the better.

Favourite COLOUR or combination of colours?

I’m a colour and texture addict, but top of the list at the moment is soft pink with natural wool, silver rusted sequins, desert-dust brown and faded aquamarine touches. Yves Klein Blue with coral and aeolian island white & liquorice black. My lucky colour combination has always been pink and green. Any hues of these for interiors or worn together will bring me peace, joy and fortune.



FOOD from the gods?

Mangoes, raspberries, lychees and coconut. Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese. Vegetarian mostly, never red meat. H2O.


Swimming and sunbathing naked. Collecting rare and valuable tribal jewellery and rugs.

What are you LISTENing to at the moment?

Seventies psychedelic folk rock, touch of bossa nova on sunny days, Bjork’s new album Vulnicura. Cat Power’s album ‘Sun’ up really loud. My two year old boy starting to talk. And reminding myself to listen to the sounds of nature and the universe!




Favourite places to DO, BE and SEE?

India can never be over-done and I’ll be ‘doing’ India for many years to come. The country is my heartland and I am moving there one day very soon. To be near the ocean is to BE at home. I’m deeply in love with the sea and can’t ever get enough of her. As for seeing, my eyes are always wide open. The eyes need Indian holi festivals, Cuban street parties, Hawaiian sunsets and a thousand things more.

How would you describe your STYLE?

My style is kaleidoscopic orientalist. I’m a highly emotional as a person, and I think my adornment and living environment reflect this. Big tribal rings on the fingers, bells on the toes, crimson turban on the head, reclining among palms. My style can come across outrageous, sometimes sophisticated, but always trying to brighten the world around me with abundant colour.



Favourite RITUALS within the home?

There is always a soundtrack playing, atmosphere is essential and my husband and I take it and make it wherever we go. This is a ritual we never forgo, no matter where we are. We burn sage, incense, oils. Our floors are layered in tribal kilims, walls hung with art, shelves stacked with books, candles flickering. Family dinners together are important with our children and we make time for them as often as possible.

What is it exactly that YOU DO?/ What led you to start KASPIA’s CARAVAN? 

Kaspia’s Caravan was born out of my constant journeying over twenty years, always searching for beauty, for long-lost treasure worthy of preservation. Over time I have amassed a huge collection of pretty incredible tribal jewellery, home wares and textiles. I studied Jewelery and Object Design, Fashion and Interior Design and have worked as a stylist, curator and collector. All this has culminated in Kaspia’s Caravan at the famous Yellow House in Potts Point, which is open until Feb 8th and then again at the end of the year, after traveling to some more exciting places. 





The FUTURE looks..

Hyper exciting! At the moment I am researching for my jewellery range which will launch at the end of the year. The eclectic products from Kaspia’s Caravan will be showcased in my shop online. I feel this year is about creative collaborations with like-minded folk. Every day I work towards making the world a cleaner, greener, more compassionate place.

You have an hour to spare on the internet, what sites and blogs will you be SURFING? 

mysticmamma.com, Pinterest, edelkoort.com and trendtablet.com,broadsheet.com.au, wakeupproject.com.au, getup.com, style.com, INSTAGRAM!


All images from Kaspia’s blog. With thanks. x

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