Mel Nahas is the kind of girl whose number you need on speed dial, a generous and gifted communicator with all her fingers dipped in the “best of” from the conscious community, the world over. Lucky then that her brilliant blog, The Bharani Effect hands over much and immense inspiration to live in harmony with the earth, each other and ourselves through  weekly conscious city guides that cover Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York & London. Phew.. you hear me about the speed dial situation yes? Plus profiles of people doing it right, also the places you need to get to and products for the planet from all over the globe.


Jemma Gawned – cleanse legend, raw advocate, owner and founder of Naked Treaties. Simon Griffiths – co-founder of Who Gives a Crap and social enterprise entrepreneur.



Loving Earth – conscious brand, raw chocolate and superfoods aficionados. 

When I first arrived back down under, I had no idea how to tap into Australia’s more than awesome conscious community, The Bharani Effect fixed that and I am truly grateful. Now, all the good people you see here, as profiled on Mel’s blog are a part of my everyday existence or vocabulary in some way. Like so many introductions to the good stuff these days, Mel and I met on Instagram via our mutual love for a conscious life and with just days to spare before she jumped on a plane for a new life in LA (lucky them), we quickly met and I felt so much better for it. This woman gives power to the people. Bless.


Mel (there she is in all her glory above) gets real in answering a few questions for us and for more insight into the bounty of beauty that is The Bharani Effect. Signing up right here might just change your life.. x

Tell us a little ABOUT your background. What led you to start THE BHARANI EFFECT?

I come from the music industry – I still work in it full-time. The Bharani Effect was born as a passion project. I became interested in what it means to live more consciously a few years ago and was consuming all types of information I could get my hands on. Books, internet, articles, seminars… Some of it stuck and a lot of it didn’t. Then I started looking around me and saw there were so many inspirational people living consciously or participating & producing to a life in a conscious way. So I wanted to profile these great people, places, products and show people there are conscious choices available to everyone.

Was there anyone that INSPIRED you from the beginning. Who inspires you now?

When I think about it really hard the answer is clichéd but I’ll be honest and say it… A relationship breakup inspired me down this path – it didn’t inspire The Bharani Effect but it inspired the personal development within myself & started me looking into my own spirituality. I begun reading meditation & spiritual books, took a bunch of classes – practiced meditation. When you start meditating and looking into your own spirituality it leads you down your life choices as a whole. This all led me to where I am today – I no longer look at life as segmented pieces but see how everything is connected.


One person who inspires me now is Catie Gett from The Staple Store (see above) in Melbourne. She is also our ambassador for The Bharani Exchange program. She inspires me because she is fiercely passionate about conscious health & life. She’s also publishing a book called “Notes To My Future Daughter” which are little supportive anecdotes wrapped around conscious living for women everywhere. I can’t wait to read it.

You have an hour to spare on the internet, what sites and blogs will you be SURFING?

Appetite for Decoration of course!! haha… But of course!!

I also love & – this would be my mindset right now though, because I’ve just moved and I’m redecorating.

Favourite COLOUR or combination of colours?

My favourite colour is rich deep turquoise – on the greener side. With golds. Anything rich and luxurious !!


Gary Gorrow – Vedic Meditation Practitioner, Qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach, Founder and Director of the Conscious Club.

What is the best ADVICE you’ve been given? Best part of the job? 

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m lucky to love what I do. Best part of my job in music is working with creative people and best part of working on The Bharani Effect is meeting inspirational people.

Sunday morning RITUAL?

Walk the dog. Yoga. Day off from the smoothies for breakfast and indulging in something hot.


Kirsten Shanks – naturopath, visionary, founder Orchard St.

Best  SYDNEY bits?

Gordon’s Bay.

Orchard St Elxir Bar Bondi & Store in Bronte

Collective Harvest – every saturday curated organic goodness from Talia & her wonderful team.

Egg Nourishment at About Life Bondi

Organic Japanese delivery from Yukako @ Wafu.

FOOD from the GODS?

Figs!!! And chocolate.

You are a keen COLLABORATOR, and an awesome COMMUNICATOR… what’s the best part of your job? 

I love being able to reach out, connect and meet all the wonderful people contributing to a more conscious world. Then learning something new from them – this is the BEST!

The future looks….?

Much like it does now. Only more people living in harmony with themselves, each other and the earth.


Adam & Anya – culture keepers, founders of Peace, Love & Vegetables. 

The future looks….

Much like it does now. Only more people living in harmony with themselves, each other and the earth.



The Bharani Effect images by Maclay Heriot… with thanks. 

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