PUT them on your FACE.


Bepran-ti wears Double Heart Rocks earrings by Anna Davern –

So, it’s almost a year to the day that I left my beloved London for Sydney… Such an awesome city this and the proximity to the deep, blue sea brings much bliss. From a creative perspective, I feel blessed by new connections here with awesome creatives, designers and retailers – loved from afar and new to me too.


Ngreikatara wears Copper Swimming Croc earrings by O.T.T by Lia .T

In packing up some of the beauty borrowed for a recent commission for the next issue of BITE ME | An independently published art magazine that has a not-so-serious, cheeky perspective of cultural phenomenona. I put together these three collages as a final au revoir to some of the best jewels for ears I ever did see. Put them on your face. X


Ropni wears Stop Staring earrings by Nikita Margarita at  Doodad And Fandango 

Images by Martin Schoeller, for National Geographic  Martin travels regularly to the remote Brazilian Amazon where the Kayapo people balance the colourful traditions of their heritage and the enticing commodities of the 2lst Century. Global Village.


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