Today, I’m talking about the forever rug, the kind of rug you’ll still be very happy rolling about upon, 20 years on. If you haven’t yet made that big rug purchase?.. then be sure you do it right because a rug is a purchase for life, quite like a puppy but without the big, wet kisses and early morning walkies, but life-changing still. Practical as well, because a rug can help you to define a space, bright-spark colour schemes, soften hard edges and no doubt encourage the use of more textiles within your home. Best not to be too precious with your rug, throw it out on the lawn for an avant-garde garden party, late night romp or lazy Sunday brunch. Rugs are way more versatile than just for indoors and especially so during the heady summer months, (insert picnic fantasy here) … roll up your forever rug and take it with you on your road trip or beach holiday too, roof racks were surely made for this forseeable pleasure? Get more rug bang for more of your rug buck right?


In exploring the chosen rug one recently, and in seeking out something truly authentic for both home and holiday jaunt, I came across Pampa via Instagram (as you do) and hurriedly went to meet the couple behind the brand during their weekend session at über store koskela – where they sell a bounty of their beauty. Personally, I want to discover my forever rug purchase in the flesh – touch the weave, face the colour-face to colour, feel the love and thus find my perfect rug match… However, this might just show my age and if you like to buy online and need a guarantee on quality, you’ve got a HELL YES from me and Pampa’s awesome stockists so far as great indication of the forever rug that will be at the heart of your home for a long time to come.


In meeting with Vicky Aguirre and Carl Wilson (look how cute they are)…I not only fell in love with their rugs but them and their story too, see these guys are adventurers, modern-day nomads with way more than the bottom line of their business in mind. Their hearts are invested in each completely unique piece, which can take up to six weeks to complete and are hand-loomed in the ancient tradition in native rural communities in Argentina and most definitely traded fairly. Vicki and Carl explore art, preserve heritage and empower culture with their business and in doing so have created something really beautiful with Pampa, and this is by anyone’s standards no mean feat. I know through similar experience myself the long hours spent, hard work involved and true love that is invested in working with remote communities – where the time frames and due dates that most retailers, magazines and customers (yes, that’s you) rely upon, don’t even exist. Full credit extended to this awesome pair who are striving to make a difference with their business and are doing it and doing it and doing it well. Pampa rugs are the real rug deal people. Feel the rhythm and rug up.

Vicki and Carl answered some questions I had for them about their wonder brand. Head on over to their site to see their full range of forever rugs, what you see here is not even the half of their most excellent collection. Colour your world with some Pampa POW WOW. x



Was there anyone that INSPIRED you from the beginning? Who inspires you now?

Well, our inspiration was and always will be the thirst of exploring. But mostly, what inspired us to start this project was the word Pampa, its meaning and what it represents in life… Family. Home. Heritage. Culture. Traditions.

Favourite COLOUR or combination of colours? Favorite ITEM from your current collection?  

We celebrate colour in all its ways and combinations, so there is no particular piece that we like the most, though I do have something for natural and earthy colours, especially from our Monte and Puna collection. We love every single piece we have, as they are all one of a kind, but if I have to choose one, it would be Monte #62 that’s available at koskela.


You have an hour to spare on the Internet, what sites and blogs will you be SURFING? amongst so many others….

What’s the best ADVICE you have been given?  Keep it simple & be genuine.

Sunday morning RITUAL? Hanging at the beach and surfing.

Favourite Retailers? Koskela in Sydney and Ahoy Trader in Byron Bay.


FOOD from the Gods?

Too many to mention, but Hellenika just near home (Gold Coast) or an asado (Argentinean BBQ) in Argentina.

What would be your ideal collaborative project?

It’s more like a dream… being in the Open House of The Design FilesIf you’re reading this Lucy..?

Top TIPS for freshers travelling to South America?

– Don’t book anything except your flight and first night of accommodation.

– Know how to count in Spanish before leaving home.

– Don’t look at too many photos of places you want to visit, seeing it with your own eyes first is so much better.

– Accept invites to spend time with locals, this is the only way to experience the true South American way of life.



How did you come to discover producers based in South America? 

It took over a year to find these communities with whom we are now working. They usually live in places that are very difficult to access… it can be 4000m up in the mountains or hidden in a seemingly eternal dry forest with no streets or vehicle access. So far we have travelled twice a year to source our rugs, and each time we meet new weavers. This ancient technique of weaving is rapidly heading towards extinction, one of the main reasons being is that it takes time, a lot of time, and time is what our modern world doesn’t seem to have a lot of or pay respect to. Also, people in native rural communities can be forced to move to big cities for work because weaving at their homes is usually unpaid. These facts became apparent as soon as we arrived to this hidden world, that is now slowly disappearing. We felt both admiration and recognition when we met the weavers, we couldn’t talk much, just contemplate their art, their ways, their life.


What led you to start PAMPA?

Wanting to help preserve this traditional form of weaving and wishing to help these communities build a more secure future for themselves and for the generations ahead of them, all whilst retaining their culture. Our passion for photography has opened our eyes to the importance of what we are doing, long before we decided to get Pampa off the ground. We believe in a world of trading fairly, that’s the way we work with our artists, so you know your rug is not only improving your home, but improving theirs as well.

What’s next for PAMPA?

Well we are still working with our four collections of rugs, which are Monte, Puna, Andes and Vintage Awayos, and we are still on the search for more stockists in Australia and New Zealand. As well, we are working with our new line of products, which we call The Little Things. We are planning on adding more to this list. And we are preparing an exhibition of one of our photography projects called PAMPA HORSES.

Rugs are the new heirlooms – used often, cherished much and passed on with love (nice to pass out on too). So if you don’t do this important rug purchasing business for yourself, do it for your kids and let’s keep this amazing tradition alive. xx



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