Hi honey I’m home. I mean this is the kind of building that makes life worth living right? The graphically stimulating glory as seen before you is the Franco-Sénégalaise Cultural Centre. Designed by architect Patrick Dujarric (what a visionary) and completed in 1994, this kaleidoscope delight was built to house the Alliance Française, and to provide the provincial town of Kaolack with much-needed library space, meeting areas, and classrooms – vibrant human education indeed, as well as performance and entertainment areas. The multi-purpose and multifaceted building, loosely modeled on an African village or compound, integrates indoor and out with ease through the clever and seriously visually stimulating use of stripes, the cool and colour-clash barber-esque columns coming up trumps in extreme visual appeal. Add to this, Patrick’s twist to an indigenous architectural style, ceilings like you’ve never seen before and palm trees galore – that make for the most marvellous of community centres and the moodboard for my dream home. Thankyou Patrick Dujarric for your mix master and modern primitive vision. Global Village. x

Just remember to look up..


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