Thomas Bird for DDM 6_905Thomas Bird for DDm 4_905

Ok alright, ok, all right and damn fine. There is so much goodness going on in these images right here it’s hard to know where to start…but be patient please as I’ll get to every inch of it, all in good time. But first up are the clothes, ok and the real reason behind writing right here, right now. Dent De Man does it for me on the man’s fashion folly front. No question. My dream man, dandy that he must be, is completely decked out in Dent de Man, feeding my appetite for decoration in his future primitive and graphic stimulation garb. Oh my goodness me. London-based, and from where my addiction for such cloth started, Dent de Man does honour to the delicious Dutch Wax cloth and it’s tradition in representing a sense of celebration, personal memoir and the embracing of change. The sharp and street shapes and chic suiting elevate the cloth, higher and higher. The Spring Summer 2014 collection as seen is available to get your hands on and bodies inside of right here and right now. So what are you waiting for?

I recognise some of the prints in this collection as Vlisco, which is all good, ok, alright, ok, as they are the best wax designers out there in my mind and since 1842 too. Read more about my wax cloth addiction hereherehere and here..if you just so feel the need.

thomas Bird for DDM 9_905

So the set design is right on right? Thomas Bird is the man behind it, dreaming it up, creating it with his bare hands, putting those final touches to it. Talented guy that he is, Thomas’s mythical and abstract temples here in pastel tones set the magic scene for the Dent de Man man to shine amongst. Check out too, his shit-hot, pit-stop installation for Joseph Turvey SS14 and his graphically good “Ornate” Still Life.

So now who is this damn fine Dent de Man man anyway? Beautiful bearded creature that he is. I’m a bit disappointed to tell you that none of the words attached to these awesome images, which were by the way shot by Marc Hibbet and styled by Tomas C Toth, mentioned anything about this Dent de Man man. Shame because he captures the essence of the brand in such an eloquent and elegant manner. Raise your hand if you too want to know who our mysterious man might be. You know you want to. I’ll be back with the word on him. Stay tuned. Ok, all right and damn fine is Dent de Man. x

Thomas Bird for DDM 7 Thomas Bird for DDM 8 Thomas Bird for DDM 5 Thomas Bird for DDM

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