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Hotline above and below – was the first of Dominique’s works I came across via the wonder that is tumblr. Silkscreened paper installation. Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 13 m X 3,5 m X 2,74 m. 2013.  


I want to live amongst the wonder created by Canadian based multi-disciplinary artist Dominique Petrin. Her kaleidoscope eye and rich mix of tripped out and tribal traditions plus a merry measure of emoticon art make for graphic stimulation of the most gratuitous kind. Generous, immersive, decadent even. Make love to me amongst the tropical-pop and intoxicating was the first thought that came to my mind. Yes, it’s here that I want to be fed grapes by muscled men in vibrant loin cloths, my modern-day Cleopatra moment amongst the maximalist collision of optical and cognitive illusion, palm trees, emoticon poos and the most fantastic display of future primitive that I have come across in like, well, forever. I feel immensely pleasured just looking at this abundance of optical, erotic and ornamental online. (Imagine it in the flesh.) For it’s art that is supposed to make you feel right? Power to you Dominique Petrin.


Supernova as above. Silkscreened paper installation. Montréal, Québec. 2013. Pompéii MMXII as below.  Silkscreened paper installation. Centre Clark, Montréal, Canada. 7,15 m X 3,66 m X 3,89 m. 2011. 


My personafavourite is Le jardin des Ombres as below. Silkscreened paper installation. L’Oeil de Poisson, Québec, Canada. 3 m X 4,63 m X 4,27 m. 2012. 

01ombres 03.ombres

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