CODE-generated COLOUR cool.


Colour cool coded countries clockwise from top – India, Finland, Turkey and Jamaica. If the feelings these patterns evoke simulate the same you might get from visiting the countries in question.  I’m there.  


Fleur Isbell, a recent member of the D&AD Graduate Academy and self-confessed nature lover has just been commissioned to design the organisation’s 51 annual – now, that’s big news in Graphic Design world. Even better in my mind are the delicious code-generated colour patterns (as seen) that she created from geolocation and weather data for each of the 196 countries in the world…some 42 countries whose work appears in the annual were represented on the cover. Inspired by user-generated work, John Maeda’s reactive books and much studying and analysing of maps and data, Fleur Isbell has created intoxicating patterns in glorious high-octane colour that represent the wonders of our world in code so well. Fabulous Fleur Isbell I am now a fan. Colour your world indeed. x


Vietnam, Tajikistan, Indonesia and the peachy dream that is Belarus. These four are my favourite – highly evocative and sensual in their combinations. This is quite possibly my top pick for colour project of 2013. Love.   


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