Bring on SPRING.


Clothes that are designed for a good time, that can put a smile on your face as you step or reach into them seem like an obvious choice to me. What we choose to wear says something about us whether we like it or not, so we might as well do it on purpose… Duro Olowu’s latest collection made me grin from ear to ear and in a knowing way, as his collections are always imbued with a sense of celebration, quite like the man himself really. Utterly femme shapes stand strong in a riot of exotic prints and Duro’s own intense sense of colour that have me heading somewhere hot and tropical in my head for SS14… Now, if I could get my hands on a pair of the wonderfully cut and wide legged check trousers with the tropical stripe down the side, you know the ones? Plus the purple culottes – actually any item in that particular bolt of purple would do – WOW, what a colour! … and both the shorter, ruffled capes in their luxe print mix – I’d be a happier woman for sure, and that’s the point right? Tell me you don’t want to jump into these clothes and I won’t believe you. Bring on Spring.  x



Images from with thanks. 

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