This is how we LIVE – TROPICAL POP.


healthy appetite for decoration utilising strong colour and a bold mix of pattern and texture that is heavy on the accessories too will make for a potent way to work it and play. Pinky wears Toile du Jouy dickie, vintage beaded capelet and cache sex by BlackDot World Archive, taffeta skirt and PVC boots by Beyond Retro and tassel earrings by House of Baulch. Vintage Sports Javelin – BlackDot World Archive.  


Fresh, colourful and rich in symbolism. TROPICAL POP is a take on living that will inspire great energy in your everyday and definitely put a smile on your dial. With a WORLD vision that includes ritualistic and fairtrade objects from far-flung places, a lively and graphic mix of vintage fashion and furniture and a blessing of independent designers, traders and creatives that are having it, their way, with colour and print for the home… TROPICAL POP presents a refreshing and energetic perspective of living that includes concept, colour and consideration for the environment. Cool huh? THIS IS HOW WE LIVE.


Play with vintage market finds and treasured travel mementoes to create a flexible, fun and creative space to live in and love. Upcycled sideboard and Tropicala totems by BlackDot World Archive. Pinky wears top by Eastern Pearson, Masai Warrior collar, Bamileke feather hat and vintage work overalls by BlackDot World Archive. Shoes models own throughout.

The representation of a concept in a visual form has been used throughout time by a diverse group of cultures from far and wide. For TROPICAL POP it’s the circle – a powerful and positive symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity and the sun. It also represents the cosmos or a spiritualized Mother Earth and a sacred space – what better symbol to adorn yourself and your home with? Combined with enlivening colour combinations and Pop Art connotations, TROPICAL POP will lively up where you live or work with a sense of freedom, creativity and good times. BELIEVE it.


Highly saturated hues reminiscent of island life bring a juicy vibe and an energized state of mind just like those long, luxurious days on holidays do. Highly sensory and oozing of sex on the beach (the real deal and the drink) or a green juice if you’re that way inclined? Colouring your world this way can only be good for you. Exotic combinations of colour encourage movement and support creativity in all its forms, allowing opportunity for change, evolution and magic. Come on and COLOUR YOUR WORLD this way, why don’t you?


Take on the positive qualities of ritualistic objects and offerings in animal form from far flung places for more freedom and strength in your everyday. Huichol hand-beaded Bull skull by Our Exquisite Corpse, Bamileke feather hats by BlackDot World Archive. Pinky wears leotard by Beyond Retro, vintage Christian Dior skirt as part of a suit and upcycled collar by BlackDot World Archive. 

The world is our oyster, now more than ever before. Encouraged by our desire to travel, to see, to experience and the power of the internet – our daily lives are being inspired by the art and ritual of cultures from all over the globe and it’s a beautiful thing. Celebrate life with a carefully curated collection of art, design and age-old craft from far and wide that will enlighten your home with its exquisite charisma and fairtrade fabulosity. Mix your bounty, your way for a truly authentic and standout style. Get all up in this MODERN PRIMITIVE.


Have more fun in bed amongst a delightful print mix from a bunch of independent designers and creatives inspired by the lively things in life. Duvet and pillowcases by Wooden Hills Bedding, Face applique pillow, Pink felt pillow and Shapes collar by SCENERY, Heart it cushion, Bamileke feather hats, 1960’s applique dress, tassel scarf and vintage rosette sash by BlackDot World Archive.

Come hither to bed in a crescendo of colour and pattern that will energize your day and refresh your night. There is no place quite like your own bed right? Whether you’re ready to call it a night, are working from home or in the throes of the good stuff, it’s a must to have somewhere wonderful to lay your head. Your bed is the piece of furniture that has the most intimate and intricate connection to your personal energy, so go on and feel the love in a generous mix of colour, texture and print that will support and strengthen you, while you sleep. The brighter way to start and finish your day. TOTALLY.

Concept + Styling: Bettina McILwraith

Photographer: Grant Smith

Model: Pinky Love

Makeup: Sadaf Ahmad

Retouching: Abbie Muntz

I just want to thank the awesome team as above. We had an amazing day together at the BlackDot Studio (now sadly defunct) creating these  images for this TROPICAL POP way of life. Much love. Enjoy. x

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