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Ok, so I thought that I would start a new category/idea here on the blog today devoted to the incredible creativity and new friends found from all over the globe, via Instagram. I have discovered/collected/become inspired on Instagram by more like-minded/ polar opposite creatives over our shared appetite for decoration than I ever thought imaginable. The world really is a wonderful place when you can instantaneously connect over a mutual appreciation and fascination for traditional African dress and ritual, amongst much other worldly glory of course but a prime example in my world. Instagram is not only a great place to share ideas, aesthetics, instantaneous and magical moments, cool culinary choices and late night antics, it’s also a great way to do business – to tell your story, to show the process and the eloquent end result. Not just contrived press images and their associated words (and yes there is some of that along the way) but mostly I find the joy in the real deal. Like the getting to know what makes a preferred brand, favourite bar, sexy & eco bee keeper (shirtless shots are also inspiring) tick and thus become more human all over again. It’s the insight into people, real people as a sum of all their parts that I find most fascinating and the bloody great aesthetics too. So without further adieu…


Stella Jean might just have been one of my first (and still favourite) Instagram finds. Her fabulous, fashion fusion incorporates preppy separates with an out of Africa edge via an abundance of Ankara print (for which I am obsessed) and an almost haute couture vibe through some serious sculptural shapes, especially the floor length and bubble skirt versions. Add to this seemingly effortless glamour, some fantastic styling including an abundance of jewels and hats galore. Stella Jean is completely up my strasse and I’m not the only one to become infatuated by this Haitian-Italian designers wonderful ways. Italian VOGUE featured Stella Jean as one to watch way back in 20ll and more recently Giorgio Armani asked Stella Jean to present her Spring/ Summer 20l4 collection at his traditional show space, the Armani Teatro, during this Autumn’s Milan Fashion Week – she will be the first womenswear name to present there which is a huge coup for her and the brand. Three cheers for this cultural crossover cool…Hip Hip!


Now for just a minute and in my goodbye, I want to get back to Stella Jean’s interesting mix – both in print and personally as it is pretty much what the brand is all about. The designer’s signature “Wax and Stripes Philosophy” reflects her own multicultural background – wax represents her maternal roots, Haiti, the first independent black republic in the world, drawing its history in part from West Africa. The masculine stripes symbolize her father from Turin, it is this fluent and deep-rooted expression that has had me wearing my vintage Ankara finds with a boyfriend-borrowed, striped shirt faster than the speed of light and in ode to Stella Jean’s stellar style. This is modern primitive to the max and I like it, like it. Yes I do. x

If you like what you see in the images here from the S/S 20l3 collection?

Join me in my love for Stella Jean on Instagram  xx



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