MORE fun in bed.


I’ve shown you how to have more fun in bed before with a bevy of great bedlinen that’s available, but this time round it’s all about bedheads and not just for the nurture it provides or the awesome aesthetics, bedheads are great for strapping up your lover too…but you probably knew that already? My appetite for decoration encourages the use of more print, colour and texture in the home and a bedhead is a great way to bring more of this into your loving and zzzzing zone. So unlock that bounty of textiles from the bottom drawer or back of the cupboard and set them free. It can be as simple as tacking your favourite fabric find to the wall behind or an elaborate, custom made, upholstered button version – which your local upholsterer should be able to manage, no sweat. The photographs included here come via my pinterest board  – Bedhead Bonanza and showcase a wild variety that I have been collecting over the past year and a half. Vintage blankets, exotic suzanis and woven carpets can all be used in new ways in giving your bed some textile based head. Other great ways to play include tacking up vintage maps, painting a wall mural, getting creative with wallpaper or salvaged wood and hanging a favourite painting. Any which way you go about it, it will be sure to bring nurture to your nest and next level aesthetics.


I’m not an expert on Feng Shui at all but I have studied it a little many moons ago and have an understanding of it and some of its theories which support the practice of bringing bedheads in for cool cocoon and natural nurture. Your bed is the piece of furniture that has the most intimate and intricate connection to your personal energy and while you sleep, your body moves into very complex energy repair work. Subconsciously your head needs support and protection during these processes, bedheads provide this acting as a gentle and supportive feng shui energy for you and your bedroom. Now it’s up to you which way to work it. x


All images from pinterest. If you are interested in any of the bedheads specifically, you should be able to find the original source by following the links. None of the images represented here are my own. If you would like me to credit your image, please contact me at


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