RITUAL in Black and White ALL Over.


Ritual, what a great word and with great connotations and so much more meaningful and positive than the word routine. Don’t you think? Switch it in your vocabulary and actions and see the difference it makes. I came to be so enthused by rituals through my continuing fascination with tribal culture and the body of ceremonies or rites used in everyday life, especially in Africa and India. Many of the artefacts and textiles I sell through my showroom, at Spitalfields market and online have been used in ceremony or are inspired by the same, for me this act of celebrating life through significant acts and their associated objects holds huge significance and gives me great joy, plus the fact they are incredibly beautiful to have around the home. It all got me thinking about my daily rituals and the products/ artefacts I use to beautify and benefit these important daily acts and so the idea for this shoot was born… This rainy London day makes for the perfect opportunity to post RITUAL in Black and White ALL Over, as it’s days like these you need them most.  


MEDITATE. This morning and evening ritual of 20 minutes brings balance, calm and refresh like no other.  London’s best Transcendental Meditation teachings can be found at the London Meditation Centre. Vintage Victorian capelet by Vivien Barnett Vintage – go see Vivien at Portobello market early on a Friday morning for her incredible selection of both utterly wearable and truly inspirational vintage. One of the reasons I stayed in London – no lie. Our Exquisite Corpse work with the Huichol people of Western Mexico to create these beautiful beaded skulls. The Huichols believe in the power of the Sun God, ancestral spirits and four principal deities – Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle. Sun God do your thing.


EXERCISE. Whether you’re born to ride, get busy at the gym or love a good stretch. Exercise changes the way we feel for the better by the slow release of endorphins, our body’s natural feel good chemicals. Add to this fact the availability these days of super hot gym kit that’s fit for a night out and we are left with no excuse for total body and mind renewal. Custom Camille Walala screen for Appetite for Decoration – as before. All other props Appetite for Decoration. 


EAT. London’s emerging food scene has brought about a revolution in the way people here eat, shop and think about food. With a bounty of really good restaurantssummer pop-upssustainable food stores  and sensational food markets just around every corner, Londoner’s tastebuds are being tantalised more than ever before. Yum. Hand printed fish by Joanna Waterhouse of tootasinfoot, find her own brand and an eclectic vintage mix  at the famous Spitalfields market each Thursday or visit her shop in Stoke Newington – committee of taste. Custom Camille Walala table for Appetite for Decoration – love her bold, graphic style.  Vintage French Butcher’s hooks, tableware  and garments by Appetite for Decoration –  available at Spitalfields each  Thursday or by appointment. 


SLEEP. There is no place quite like your own bed. Whether you’re tired as hell or in the throes of a rigorous embrace – it’s a must to have somewhere wonderful to lay your head. Designers and artists from all over the globe are creating colourful bed linen for a brighter way to start and finish your day. Night, night in white just doesn’t cut it anymore. Custom Camille Walala wall for Appetite for Decoration. Upcycled Lab Lamp by Our Exquisite Corpse. Cushions – a selection from Appetite for Decoration’s upcoming collection – available online soon. Socks models own 🙂

What are your daily rituals and do you think they enhance your life? And what significant acts or traditions learnt from your family or friends do you practise regularly and might pass down the line? Sunday lunch is a good one. Hope you enjoyed this final act in Black and White ALL over. Ciao for now. xx

Model: Artist Mona Mock 

Photographer: Grant Smith

Font: Tamer Koseli

Styling + Creative Direction + Text: Bettina McILwraith (that’s me ;)) 

For an appointment at the BlackDot Studio or any other enquiries please email bettina@blackdotworldarchive.com

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