With no real plan for our first foray into Ventura Lambrate, Team appetitefordecoration stumbled into a collective show of Dutch designers that Mae Engelgeer was a part of and immediately fell for her ethnic geometric textiles. Beautiful in their odd and utterly  uplifting combinations of colour – think mint, blush, oatmeal, charcoal, copper and emergency orange. A clever mix of colour fades and pop-tastic shades and textural as hell – just how we like it. Now textiles this good, in fact our favourite find of the textile kind over the entire Salone, don’t just happen overnight and Mae’s CV is as impressive as the ISH collection itself.


Studio Mae Engelgeer began once Mae graduated from the MA Applied Arts department at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. Add to this her credentials as a Textile Designer and Stylist gained by way of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute  – her hand is just as deft at styling as it is at designing. It’s this total vision across all aspects of the brand that ensure Mae’s amazing textiles stand out from the crowd – plus the fact they’re fantastic. Continued research, development and production at the Textile Museum in Tilburg take ISH to another level altogether.


In my mind, the tea towels look too beautiful to dry dishes with. But what the hell, you only live once right? Might as well dry your dishes in style. ISH for me though is all about the blankets and just because they look and feel so god damn good. They are beautiful to the touch in all their mohair, merino wool and cotton glory, definitely the kind of blanket you want to make out under during the cooler months (all bloody year in London…). Mae’s modern take on an age-old craft appeals perfectly to our desire for more texture and tactility in the home, especially when it looks like ISH. Watch for an overwhelming return of textiles in our interiors as we bundle up in the softness and beauty that can absorb the stresses from our daily life and as we reconnect to our nomadic tendencies. ISH seems like the perfect place to start the collection. Bundle UP.


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