So I have been banging on about BLACK AND WHITE ALL OVER for sometime now and thought it might be interesting to post the processes behind this monochrome madness of mine, as I re-work, customise, collate, collaborate and merchandise the hell out of an amazing WORLD mix of modern and primitive product. Many thanks to the myriad of dealers, designers and artists who contributed their wonder wares to make this happen – including Camille Walala, Our exQuisite Corpse, Tootasinfoot and BlackDot Co-op of course. Coming soon, the first of an exciting series of Life-style stories styled and shot in the BlackDot studio, providing inspiration and ideas to transform your home and mind with. 



It’s very apt that this black and white all over post just makes it into the Easter celebrations as throughout time, the egg has symbolised new beginnings, the spark of creation. Black and white are the perfect foundation to start afresh with – on their own, add print and texture for depth and interest or use as a base for classic remixes of colour or brand new combinations. New beginnings start right with black and white.



I would like to welcome the many new world-wide readers who have been joining me and my appetite for decoration of late. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, it’s great to have you here. For those of you that have been here with me a little longer, you might have noticed some changes…specifically a name change to APPETITE FOR DECORATION – which I’m totally over the moon about. The font was designed by multi-disciplinary designer Tamer Koseli, and is the perfect fit in all it’s decorative glory. Don’t you think? This new inspiration and look for my blog comes courtesy of a month-long online “Blog Boss” course just completed with the fabulous Holly Becker. Do check out her blog  decor8. Watch out for new categories, exciting interviews and a visit to the Milan Design Fair, for which I am waiting with bated breath.   

Visit my instagram, tumblr and pinterest pages for more of my maximalist WORLD.

Happy New Beginnings. Bring on Spring. x

IMG_3376Bamileke Headress


  • Brilliant.I love the fish as they are so different, infact the whole blog is so inspiring and our dining room is now going to be decorated in black and white with zebra striped fabric on the chairs and black shades on my silver “pineapple” table lamps. The yellow walls with this will look stunning!

    • Sounds fantastic Mumma……wonder where I get this appetite for decoration from. Love you. xxx

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