Duro Olowu for JCP is more than AOK.


Duro Olowu, friend of BlackDot Co-op and designer extraordinaire (see a previous post on his super-style here) has been lending his talents to US-based retail chain JC Penney with a print loaded collection that crosses across fashion, lifestyle and interiors. This partnership is the first of its kind for the l00 year old store in an increasingly growing list of designer-retailer collaborations introduced to enhance sales and bring fresh perspective. I can’t wait to get my hands on the suitcase especially, modern nomad marvel! Nigerian born and London-based, Olowu is a true maximalist and a man after my own heart for that fact alone. Seriously adept at combining a rich tapestry of fabrics including his own prints, wild ethnic mixes and a vintage culture clash in a riot of colour and refined manner that has become synonymous with his high-end style, luxury retail outlets and a price tag to match. Interesting to note, is the almost Memphis feel in the home-wares collection, a burgeoning trend we are sure to see more of. The collection is launching right about now and is priced from $l0- $l00. Fancy that? Discover Duro for less here, best be quick because at that price it will be gone in a flash.


Images from post-gazette.com &  JCP. With thanks. x

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