Ms.G’s does Good (with a capital G).


It’s a chilly evening here in London, not big news really considering its February, but weather like this makes me crave awesome, Asian fusion food….the kind of food that Ms.G’s does so well. I was lucky enough to be in the Sydney foodie loop of late, due to the formidable nature of my hosts, and thoroughly enjoyed a balmy Sydney evening at Ms.G’s, gorging on all her glory. This post is the first in a month-long series of throwback Thursdays, where I highlight my favourite finds from my recent Ozzie sojourn.


Before we get to the food, I must mention the perfectly loud and exquisitely mixed selection of 90’s old school hip-hop that accompanied our meal, adding to the laid-back charm of the place also ever-present in the sharing plate options and easy pricing – sexy DJ to boot! I must discuss the interiors too, which fall on the right side of lo-fi, in a wonky Hong Kong kitsch kind of way, complete with communal dining tables and the obligatory bottles of chilli sauce. Oversized rope and low-light light bulbs dangle, newspaper and magazine tear sheets flourish the walls across the four floors and large graffiti ridden walls top it all off – the perfect accompaniment to big windows with even bigger views. Now, to the food.


Famed for their “dude food”, chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu dish out a skillful blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean, the kind of food that locals and regulars alike queue for…and if queueing is not your thing (hello), jump to the top floor bar for “quirky cocktails” – which we inhaled through oversized straws in the heat. After much indecision, we pounced on the following dishes – Prawn toast, yuzu aioli, herbs – possibly the best prawn toast ever/ Spicy sambal green beans – oh, so spicy/ Dan Hong’s crunchy vegetable salad, white soy and ginger vinaigrette – clean and green/ Salad of green tea soba noodles with snow crab, avocado and shiso – delicate/ Ms. G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime – a firm favourite/ Roasted Barramundi, sambal matah, watermelon – yes. Yes, this is the food I am definitely dreaming of. The latter dish of Barramundi and watermelon, the sweet and salty flavours harmonise perfectly, being one of my all time food highs (despite the mediocre photo) from the recent Ozzie tour and a flavour combination I savoured across the three states I visited. Uh, trend alert. Now, I’m on a mission to find this fabulous fusion food this side of the world. Bring on the suggestions.


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