The perfect introduction via Peter Pilotto A/W 20l3…innit.

So London Fashion Week has flashed past us furiously once again and although I have stopped my regular Fashion Week updates, to focus more on interior, travel, and lifestyle musings, I just had to present you with the strict, elegant luxury and enlightened modernity that is the Peter Pilotto Autumn Winter 20l3 collection. Of the 37 catwalk looks, 2l are included below for your viewing pleasure. I have infact gone a step further and dream-scaped myself into each and every one of the 37 looks in a future tribe/ hot date/ stamp your passport/ super-city creature kind of way…..a perfect dream, well my version of it anyway.

Touted as a triumph for the designers, this collection sees both progression, in a harder more sculptural silhouette and through use of avant garde embroidery styles and continuation through their signature kaleidoscope digital print and those perfect puffas in equal measure. Strong shouldered shapes armour against the cold, sleek cuttings bound and enhance the female form while chic collage and chrysalis-like concoctions of splendour, protect and strengthen. Criss cross lacings push the darker version further. Peter Pilotto’s version of woman for A/W l3 is not meant to be messed with and this is just the way I like her – radiant, sure, dark and flirty.  

Every aspect of your winter wardrobe is here for the taking, and in an array of incredible decorative and technical skill that could easily come across as a shambles but is so succinct and so god damn right, it’s a revelation. A triumph for the designers, indeed. This is who I want to be. Thanks Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos for introducing me.  

_PET0013.450x675_PET0030.450x675 _PET0050.450x675 _PET0089.450x675_PET0115.450x675_PET0141.450x675 _PET0168.450x675 _PET0196.450x675 _PET0208.450x675 _PET0218.450x675 _PET0232.450x675 _PET0258.450x675 _PET0401.450x675 _PET0284.450x675 _PET0295.450x675 _PET0335.450x675 _PET0372.450x675 _PET0386.450x675 _PET0445.450x675 _PET0322.450x675 _PET0471-1.450x675 _PET0530.450x675

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