Home is where the heart/art is.

Friend and fabulous bag designer, Rachelle Dendle-Crerar of After the Apple sent me a link from the New York Times Style Magazine yesterday showcasing the Chicago home of artist Nick Cave, suggesting his “cave-loft” was way up my strasse and that I should have a look-see. His 3 storey loft glory has my tongue hanging from my mouth in full adoration of a truly unique home that speaks volumes about it’s owner. This Aladdin’s cave of African collectibles and artifacts, clever market finds, walls full of paintings and stacks of big books and magazines alongside sumptuous sofas to sink into feels like coming home, I wish. Rachelle knows me well, our shared appetite for decoration and love of primitive art has a long history and was the basis for a popupshop we collaborated on many moons ago in London’s East End…but that’s another story. I have blogged about Nick Cave and his marvelous soundsuits previously – Sounds like WOW, and now after seeing where the man himself lives I feel I have a better understanding of him and his work, which may be a little presumptuous? Any which way you look at it, home really is where the heart is – place of intimacy, ritual, meaning and freedom. For Nick Cave it represents his desire for “balance, harmony, relevancy, contentment.” What does your home say about you? 

Images by Jason Schmidt.

See Rachelle’s latest collection, MARVEL here. I love the Rucksack in Marigold Python especially, perfect for hands free bike riding, dance floor manoeuvres and more. Marvelous no less.

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