South of France baby!

Wonderful friend Camille Walala invited me to her family home in the south of France for a week or so, tres excited I packed a pair of D&G zebra print knickers as a swimsuit and not much else into my Ryan Air hand luggage without grimace. Once landed, our hours were spent either lolling by the pool soaking up that South of France sunshine, shopping the food market for the next meal or grazing over the gorgeous local produce that was spilling from the kitchen onto the Dutch wax resist covered tabletops nestled beneath the grapevines. Perfect. Inspired daily by the effortless ease and chic of my hosts who were able to produce fabulous feastings for 12 without notice or batting an eye and consistently came up with pescatarian/vegetarian friendly fine dining for yours truly – a big call in meat loving France. We stayed an extra four days of course. C’est bon!


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