Tres cool preschool.

I’m currently holidaying in the south of France, think – eat, sleep, swim, tan, eat and the practise of conversational French with my fabulous hosts and the ever-changing assortment of delightful guests that pass through the doors of their beautiful barn house daily. One such delightful guest mentioned a “tres cool” Parisian preschool that he had recently come across, and suggested I have a look-see at the almost LSD inspired insides and out that lay in wait for the lucky les enfants that attend the Ecole Maternelle Pajol. The total transformation of the once run-down 1940’s preschool in the 18th arrondissement by eye-popping colour palette professionals – Palatre & Leclere Architectes surely inspires fairy tale imaginations and general happiness amongst its day-to-day inhabitants. Learning has never looked this good, here’s hoping the French government continue this colourful collaboration and that this is not just a one-off wonder. Colour your world.

Images by weheart with thanks.

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